Aircraft Charters Australia Wide

Platinum Air Tours offers aircraft and helicopter charter services both locally and nationally at a world class standard. The key to our high level of service is through teaming up with the very best operators, allowing access to the most experienced people in each region to provide you with the best package possible.

Our highly experienced team has a wide range of aircraft on call. Starting from the basic single-engine light aircraft and helicopters to faster, larger twin-engine planes and helicopters, through to jets that whisk you above the weather in ultimate comfort. Platinum Air Tours is poised and ready to take your next charter experience to the next level.

With our nationwide capabilities, it is no surprise so many companies have turned to us for solutions, including VIP charter flights, mining support, golf tours, freight, emergency relief work, transfer of sensitive freight, government ministers – as well as connecting many businesses to their remote areas of operation.

Give us a call for a quote on your next charter – 1300 696 203