Platinum Air Tours is a one of a kind operation that started in South East Queensland. From humble beginnings, the founders have a passion for the environment and surroundings on offer in their local region. With many adventures around they want to share SEQ’s best kept secrets in style. With access to a fleet of single engine and multi-engine aircraft as well as helicopters and war-birds, Platinum Air Tours can cater to any requirements throughout Australia.

The aircraft we use will always give you the best seat in the house from single-engine light aircraft, to multi-engine aircraft that fly in lavish comfort far above the weather.

With a focus on offering premium services, we employ only the highest of quality aircraft, pilots and only the most trusted operators, giving a truly unforgettable experience in every service we offer. With our scenic flights and charter services at such a high standard, we only interact with the best of the tour providers for a uniform experience.

In our pursuit of perfection and offering a point of difference from the rest, we are always striving to find the best and newest attractions and ensuring only the most qualified are there to guide your experience. Whether it be an Aboriginal elder with an endless knowledge from the Dreamtime, a vigneron or a knowledgeable tour guide, the knowledge you gain on our tours is always second to none.